martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Olympic Games Host Cities website domains

This is the premier collection of Olympic Games Host Cities web site domain names. An Olympic Games Host City website domain is a unique value, there are several gold medals, torches, pins, etc, but only could exist one Official Website domain. The Official website of an Olympic Games event is form by the name of the Host City in English followed by the year of the celebration and the .com extension, as example,,,,
For years I have been collecting Past Official Olympic Games Website domains, from the all 45 Olympic Games held until now, between Olympic Summer games and Winter Games, I own 34 domains. This is the biggest collection of the Official Olympic Games Host Cities website domains.
I have received mails asking me if I am willing to sale only one domain or the whole collection, my answer has always be that all domains are available individually or as a whole. Please submit your best offer by email all offers will be treated with strictest confidence.
So whether you’re a large Olympic Memorabilia Collector or an Olympic Memorabilia Auction House. You can be assured your internet presence will put you at the No1 search engine position, to expose your private collection or to promote dedicated auctions.
Or you may only want to own a unique piece of history...


martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Olympic memorabilia for sale

The day after the 2010 Olympic torch relay was launched in Victoria on Oct. 30, someone put one of the 12,000 Vancouver Olympic torches up for sale on eBay.
A second torch was listed on eBay on Thursday, one of almost 800 Vancouver Olympics items being sold on the Internet auction site.
There were listings for 2010 Olympic Torch Relay "Team Coke Cans," Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens, and a 2010 Vancouver Olympic street banner.
You could bid on a 2010 Polish National Olympic Committee pin, 2010 Olympic coins, and a 2010 Olympics "snowboarder metal water bottle" from McDonald's.
Most of the items listed were nickel-and-dime stuff; the "limited edition" Team Coke cans attracted eight bidders, but sold for only $17.64.
The Olympic torch is another matter. The minimum opening bid was $2,500 US, and it had a bidder within a few hours of going up for sale.
That bidder might be kicking him or herself, however, because the second torch had a starting bid of only $800 US. Three bidders had pushed the price up to $1,025 US by Thursday afternoon.
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